Capturing Beat

Capturing Beat with Professional Paintings

There is within the nature of life, a rhythm, and a beat. There is inside the core of every person, an internal clock, and a steady guiding beat. And capturing beat, painting rhythms, and beautifully creating portraits to exhibit these ebbs and flows of life is what professional paintings can do. This is also the kind of art that you will discover and experience at Anica's Art.

Capturing beat, patterns, and the rhythms of life is precisely what Anica Shpilberg does in so many various collections and works. From portfolios carrying titles such as Oneiric Theory, Doors of Gallipoli, and Vinification, and even through wine photography, Anica embraces, explores, and shares the many beats of life. These avenues sometimes lead to moments of heart-ripping sorrow, and sometimes these collections lead to moments of elation and soul-deep joy. And these are also reasons why her professional paintings are such a desired commodity.

There are many reasons to love art, but a common reason for many is that shared connection and beat of life that we all know. Through these common pangs of loss, struggle, and pain, through the common joys of success, kindness, and love, art reaches so many. That art, that kind of beauty, and even the beauty of our human struggle are a few of the emotions, experiences, and surprises you can encounter at Anica's Art.

At Anica’s Art, you will find a great selection of professional paintings, wine photography, lifestyle photography, motion blur photography and more, that will bring a delightful shock to the eyes, an awakening of the spirit, and a surprising and powerful connection to it all. Thank you for stopping by Anica's Art, and please contact us with any questions, concerns, or to learn more about Anica Art - and perhaps each other too.