Motion Blur Photography

The Essence of Anica Shpilberg’s Motion Blur Photography

Oneiric, means 'of or pertaining to dreams' or a dreamlike state. Capturing the spirit of dream-like emotions is what Anica Shpilberg exhibits in her motion blur photography. Her motion blur photography is a representation of oneiric content that tells a story to the viewers and extends the narrative by capturing the spirit of a ‘beyond consciousness’ feeling in her photos. 

Dreams have this beautiful way of translating what we feel and interpreting what we experience. At Anica’s Art, you will find motion blur photography that conveys the experiences and unique spirit of her subjects, telling a story that resonates with the viewers. Capturing spirit is what viewers will experience and feel through her motion blur photography. Art can reach, teach, reveal, and speak to us, and that is the soul of Anica’s Art. 

Art is about more than colors and images, it is about more than shading and contrast, it is about life, love, loss, experience, the human condition. It is about capturing the spirit, essence, and connecting with its subject in ways that go far beyond what is seen on a canvas or on photographs.

Thank you for stopping by Anica’s Art and for sharing the journey, the experience, and the spirit of these works. Please don't hesitate to contact Anica’s Art if you have any questions or for more information about her galleries, artwork, or purchasing your own masterpiece from Anica Shpilberg.


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