Oneiric Theory

In this series I explore the issue of “Beyond Consciousness “or Oneiric Theory.

In my representation of oneiric content I use camera motion technique to extend the narrative. Dark spaces allow the imagination while light reconstructs the space.  The aim is to present the viewer with a dream like of emotions. It questioned me for days if it was real or if it was a dream.

The dream was of exploring the city at a very fast pace, so fast that I could not feel my feet or see the others, it seemed as if they were on wheels, the colors kept getting stronger and it felt like deja-vu, The feeling as many times before, and it felt like a nightmare because no one was familiar.

That hot day in which the temperature rose above the 100 degree mark plus the rush of the city at 3pm gave the “beyond Consciousness” feeling in addition to that was the perspective and technique from which I took the pictures. 


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