Spirals of Life

Pictures of the Spirals of Life through Paintings

Welcome to Anica Art LLC, and welcome to the "Spirals of Life" series, a collection of art encompassing identity and perception, while using color, form, and space as a medium and texture as a tool. This series, along with many other collections and paintings at Anica Art LLC, are parts and extensions of the artist's narrative.

That narrative, like many who get to appreciate and love Anica Art, is also a personal one for our Artist. Her paintings, photography, and work all pull from life experience. These daring, sometimes shocking, and uninhibited works are part of her perception and her own experience of the Spirals of Life. And not only that of her life but of the life of others from all over the world.

The Spirals of Life collection also honors artist Hunterwaser, who was not only an inspiration but helped to shape the way Anica viewed and thought about art. Those views and a passion for art is also a reason that Anica Art LLC is here, to share those experiences, and all the beauty in sadness and joy, in the Spirals of Life. Not a typical artist, beautifully unique art forms with exquisite expression, are a few of the imprints and distinguishing characteristics of Anica Art LLC, and what sets her work apart.

If you have questions about the Artist, or if you want to learn more about Anica Art LLC or how to get Anica Art for your home or business, then contact us today. Art, they say, imitates life, and the Spirals of Life is a journey of art that explores the experiences that make us human in ways that teach, enlighten, and move us. This is the Spirals of Life collection, from Anica Art LLC.


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